First of all, I'd like to emphasize one thing, I don't really celebrate the new year like the stereotypical noypi--paputok, media noche, count down, polka dots, pasabog ng coins, (fill in more here). Why should I when I am not a Chinese who believes in shooing away malas by making noise? Why should I when I don't believe in attracting swerte by dressing up in polka dots and serving rounded fruits? Why should I when I am a Muslim whose real new year isn't today because we have our own calendar?

But then again, I can't sleep the night away and not notice the celebration around me. I can't wake up tomorrow feeling like it is just an ordinary day. Come on! It's 1-1-11. I'm not KJ either. I mean, the world celebrates it, I can't help but join the party party, even if just in thought.

Anyway, how did I spend my last afternoon of 2010? I embarked on a PROJECT BEDROOM MAKEOVER. It started out as an idea from Kcaiyah of Hijabified.co.cc. She shared in Facebook that she'll be cleaning her house today. Before that, I asked (through fb) how am I supposed to make the most of my last day in 2010. Jaydee of responed, said I should do one thing that I've always wanted to do. I though, bungee-jumping? But that is out of question. I mean, I can only achieve that by tying my legs with nylon cord and jump over the bridge. So after I saw Ayah's shout, a light bulb suddenly glowed inside my coconut shell. Aha! That's it. I'll clean my room and rearrange my stuffs for a total new look and sqeaky-clean feel.

Fortunately, I have my younger brother who is willing to oblige to every command I utter. He helped me move my wooden ornately carved wardrobe and my white fit-for-a-princess bed(yeah right). I vacuumed ever corner and crevice, changed the curtains and beddings, changed the pictures in the frames, and posted new stuff on my inspiration boards. I wish I could post a pic here, but again, I am posting through email so that won't be possible. I spent the whole afternoon digging under my stuffs. I decided to throw away anything that is not useful anymore. Three hours after, napuno na yung isang sako ng mga bagay na itatapon ko. Whoa! Didn't know I kept all those junk in my room. I guess I'm a pack rat. I find it difficult to part ways with things that I associated with a precious memory. But this afternoon, I just want to get rid of all those stuff. I want to feel fresh and light for the new year. You know it's therapeutic, that act of finally coming to terms
with things that you hold dear and finally let them go. I feel a lot better now. Parang walang excess baggage ang buhay ko.

Looking at my bedroom now, my personal space, my sanctuary, it looks a little bare. But that's how I want it, like a blank canvas waiting to be filled in with colors of 2011, waiting to be painted with new memories.


  1. :) id love to see how your room looks like now. glad i gave such an idea. :D

  2. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!


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