Do You Help in Doing Household Chores?

Growing up, I didn't particularly listened to my mother when she tried to inculcate in me the importance of being able to do household chores. I'd pick procrastinating every time. However I was forced to learn the basics--sweeping the floor, washing the dishes, doing my laundry, and making my bed. We never had a household help. We tried employing one but it proved more of a hassle. Nevertheless, I learned despite my protests.

Now that I am an adult, I am more than grateful that Mamang raised me equipped with the necessary domestic know-how. Because now that I am bot living under her roof anymore, I see that a simple knowledge of cleaning the sink makes all the difference.

Some parents spoil their kids too much that they won't let them touch a broom. They are doing disservice to their children. Oway pakatatayaan kano pero naman ka apiya si KC Concepcion na matao sa walay. One day your children will grow up and they will have to live independently and they will become slobs whose homes reeks of stale food and body odor.

For you mga arikolay, learn household chores as early as now. When you go to college, you may have to live in dorms with friends to have a taste of the independent life. You wouldn't want to be the one everyone hates because hindi tumutulong sa gawaing bahay. Eventually, you will become a full-fledged adult, lease your first apartment, get married, buy your own house, and manage a household. You may think you will get a maid anyway but if you don't have a clue how things are done, you wouldn't know for sure if the house helps are really doing their job.

You can start by learning hacks through Youtube. There are many vloggers who talk about keeping the home neat and organized. It takes a while to finally have a cleanup routine.

Let me share this one for you:

Eventually you will learn easier ways to get around the chores. And you will appreciate that very adult feeling of satisfaction of seeing your space clean and organized.


Links We Love Vol. 1 (Millenials, Cercei, etc.)

Some days we end up surfing and clicking links without giving it much thought that we end up seeing strange things on the internet and reading tons of things without really learning anything of importance. Below are links to articles that I find interesting and worth reading. They are not click baits, I promise you.

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Happy Eidl Fitr!

Greeting you all a Happy Eidl Fitr! Eid is that time of the year when we are both happy and sad--happy to celebrate a big day and sad that the holy month of Ramadhan has finally made an exit. I don't really have much to say today, just blogging quickly to wish everyone happiness, prosperity, and peace! May Allah SWT grant us forgiveness.  


Are We in the New Era of Marawi?

Last June 30, Marawi City inaugurated its new mayor, Atty. Majul Usman Gandamra, and Lanao del Sur Governor Bombit Adiong turned over the seat to his mother Bae Bedjoria Alonto Adiong while he himself took over the vice-gubernatorial seat.

These are some thoughts that are playing in my head: