I love my gay friends. So much! Why not when there are many reasons to love them? Would you mind if I enumerate?

1. Having them as friends is like having my own personal pro stylist and makeup artist. I sound like a freeloader. (LOL) When they are around, I get FREE advise on what suits me best, what flatters my body type, what the latest trend is, what color is for my skin tone, and where to buy the good stuff. They are blunt enough to tell me that what I'm wearing looks ridiculous and generous enough to boost my ego with their spicy compliments when I'm looking fab. Best of all, I can rely on them during fashion and beauty emergencies.

2. My gay friends aren't only stylists and beauty mavens, they are missosologists too. We share love for beauty pageants. It may sound cheap and tacky but I can't help love the glitz and glamor of pageants. We gush over our predictions on who's going to bag the crown and who should win the minor awards. One of my gay friends is too enthusiastic that he trains aspiring beauty queens on how to walk the runway to answering the final question. He's amazing.

3. If I have to name the funniest of my friends, the honor goes, again, to my gay friends. Nobody can make me laugh to the point of losing poise the way they can. I laugh to the point of laughing. They drop the funniest critiques and green jokes with perfect timing. If I'm around them more, I bet I'll lose weight just by laughing the pounds away.

4. The best thing about my gay friends? They are the best HMDAR(Hot Men Detection and Ranging) existing on the planet. They are like automated machines that beeps when a hot men comes close within the perimeter of their range. In fact, I cant beat them in spotting the most gorgeous man in the house. One of them invented the Sabroso Alert. Sabroso is the Chavacano term for yummy! When there's a pretty boy near us, he starts humming to the tune of Britney's toxic. LOL.