[[ WHY BLOG? ]]

          Okay. So maybe I am late in riding the blogging bandwagon. But still here I am trying to build a decent blog I can be proud of. Despite my cluelessness on techie stuffs like codes and all those jargon of the webmasters, still I am trying. I mean, look at this particular page, doesn’t it feel blank? But then I swore to myself that I’m really gonna maintain this.

          But really, why blog? I don’t know. I guess I want to chronicle the events in my life even if my days are more of a plain Jane rather than that of rock star. I guess I want to see meaning in it. I guess I want a record of who I am, like a film strip that I can detach myself and look at myself from a distance, and see me as I climb up mountains to get myself from here to there. I guess at this point, I still want to know me.

          And what’s up with the branding of  “ayeeshamd”? It’s nothing really. It's just my name, Ayeesha, and my middle and surname initials.I love that M.D. thing at the end. I mean, I'm not yet an M.D. but I have the "license" to put it there.

          You know there are nights (and days) when I think that I have thought of something clever and witty that I’d be itching to spill it to the first ear to oblige. But then, some nights (and days) a pair of ears is hard to find. Maybe, just maybe, this blogging thing will do. And I’m not promising that days from now, I may come up with something clever-and-witty-that-I’m-itching-to-spill-it-to-the-first-ear-to-oblige. But who knows? Let’s see.