I'm the type of girl who asks a lot of questions, either i speak my mind or keep it to myself. Why do we have to act in a certain way? Why do we have to write in a predetermined manner? Why do we have to have limits, boundaries, conventins, norms, and rules?

And I'm the type of girl who finds beauty in contrasts juxtaposed. Street wear plus high end brand. Sleek and ultra-modern architecture furnished with vintage wares. Picasso and Da Vinci. Orange juice in pepsi. Gears in a crystal goblet. Love and hate. Apathy and sympathy. Poetry and prose.

Way back in high school, I was taught the two kinds of writing. Either one writes in prose or poetry. Prose is like when you write in sentences and paragraphs in a conversational way. Poetry, you write in verses, either free-verse or not, like a sonnet and a quatrain. I questioned, why differentiate the two like as if they are like oil and water? Why not write in both syles simultaneously? I fell in love with poetry, but writing in verse is difficult and impractical in an everyday setting unless we are still in the middle ages touring with the troubadours. So my prose sounded like poetry. My sentences sometimes rhyme and I abuse metaphor too much. That's the beauty in creative writing. That's the beauty of linguistics. Words are able to paint pictures, capture the faintest feelings, immortalize an iota of idea. To capture beauty, I needed poetry. Because prose isn't enough.




  1. omg omg omg ayeesha. :)) I fell in love with this post. :D
    as for me, I lost my poetry prowess when I left highschool. it's sad that I don't get to write poems and the like when I entered college. pero, sige n lng. :D

  2. me too, also write poems, but for some reason I can only write them when sad or in times of grief. Weird. I am not an emo though hahaha. I still write but I don't think I can let anybody see it, like you said, appreciation is subjective but I, myself don't think it is good enough. Mostly blabbers actually :P

    cheers ulit!

  3. thanks @kai

    @jojo, isa lang meaning nyan. EMO ka. lol


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