I should have posted this earlier but due to my weekend spent doing domestic chores since mom wasn't around, I couldn't find time. 'Twas Saturday afternoon and my little bro was urging me to come with him to watch the street dance competition only to find out that we totally got the date wrong. The said competition is not scheduled until early Feb. Without anything to do that aftie, we decided instead to have coffee and Donut 'n Dip at Mister Donut. It's a rarity that I go out with my lil bro like just the two of us, and lucky me, I brought the digicam to document it. You know how some teenage boys are, they don't like being around much with their big sis. But not my bro. I don't know how and why, but we really are tight. And I have to admit, that I play favorites among my sibs and he is my fav as of the moment.

<--- That's him.

And me. Pasimpleng cam-whore.


  1. Nice hopping with your bro. Looking at your photos made me think that you really are cute and hot. What do you reckon about this?

    Anyway, can you have a banter with me about some random shits that interests me? I'm just amazed with your grammar-whoring shits (no pun intended). Feel free to contact me if ever you feel the itch to screw with me in the blog world.

    Happy tuesday folk. I already followed you.


  2. Hi ayeesha... sensya na ngayon lang nakadalaw ulit.. ngayon lang nakabalik eh.. so anyway... happiness naman ako kase close ka sa brother mo... at ganda ng shoes.. (ay sorry madali ako ma-distract ng mga bagay bagay..napaparandom comment)

    so anyway yun nga.. ako hindi ako close sa both kuya ko.. pero yung panganay simula nung nag-asawa na yun naging close ko na din... dahil sa asawa niya..

    at uyyy nabasa ko naman ang mala-showbizness na interview sayo ni jojo.. winner..

  3. @ denase, am glad you see me the way i see myself. (what????) i'll think about that offer, i'm playing good girl these days. but who knows when the inner cattiness surfaces? (wink)

    @ kamil, namiss kita! i'll be waiting for the time that jojo will feature u. you two are explosive.

  4. ang sesyal naman ng getup ni Dr. Ayeesha :P


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