Fresh from the battle we lost, the dictio quiz, my shame over it pushed me to the brink of lunacy to win the next quiz. Here in Mindanao State University, we are rather obsessed with these quizzes that the second semester is actually the season of quiz wizards supremacies. We have all types of inter-group and inter-collegiate quizzes. I happened to belong to a group that are quiz enthusiasts, the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematis-Integrated Quizzers Club or the CNSM-IQC. We represent our college in various competitions, even debate. You can just imagine the kind of burden on our backs, always obligated to push the envelop in every competition that we join, to always bring home the bacon.

Just 10 days after the dictio-quiz, we joined the Eyoners Science-Math Quiz Show (A1ers SMQS). The Stakes are high, if we lose, we would lose face. The shame, given that our club have won 2 years in a row since 2009. I was teamed up with Cristopher Erecre, IQC's present chairman, and Hassan Mangorsi, the former chairman (yours truly is 2008-2009 chairman). It's a power team obviously. Four other IQC teams joined: (1) IQC A-- (2) Scientia -- (3) CNSM-Student Council -- (4) Society of Life Sciences Students.

I don't want to sugar-coat everything so... Fast forward to the results, my team won the champ, Scientia team won first runner-up and CHEMSOC (society of chem studenst) won 2nd runner-up.




THE 1ST RUNNER-UPS (left to right: Gerence Villsor, Roneil Christian Alonday, Cyro Rasol)

THE CHAMPS (left to right: Hassan Mangorsi, Sittie Ayeesha M. Dicali, Christopher Erecre)

AND THE CELEBRATION ( in the photo: Engr. Adnan Macapantao aka My Stage Mom, Cyro Rasol, Hassan Mangorsi, Nova Carl, Christopher Erecre, Gerence Villasor, Sittie Ayeesha Dicali, Roneil Christian Alonday, Chiqui McGreat, Paynapol Joos aka Pots Alawi aka Blair Waldorf-Bieber, Ahmad Musahar, SC President Jamilah Amie Saga Amerol)

To the IQC and other CNSM peeps, soar higher!


  1. Hahaa! OMG. I liiiiiike! :D I like the Blair Waldorf-Bieber the most! :DD

  2. I wonder if na-post tong comment ko. XD

    OMG! I liiiiike! But I like the Blair Waldorf-Bieber more! :DD

  3. natawa naman ako kay blair waldorf-bieber. talagang siniguradong na-post ang comment.

    congrats! ang hilig ko ding sumali sa mga ganyan dati. pero laging talo. haha.

  4. Waaaaaaah CONGRATS AYEESHA.. ikaw na talaga!!! Siguro pag lumapit ako sayo duduguin ilong ko....


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