[[ MA-TRY NGA ]]

I thought of posting a vid of me to show my readers another side of me--me in motion--expressing things not in written words. Pardon me, I took the vid without much thought and prepping.

The more spontaneous things are, the more real they are.


  1. @jojo... i can't help it. "born this way."--lady gaga

  2. I can't listen to the video since the PC's speaker is unhealthy. If I have it repaired, then I'll listen to the voice of yours.

    By the way, I made a reaction to the whoreness thing. read it if you have time.

  3. hahahahah nice guts Ayeesha!!! At ang ganda ng smile!! :)

  4. hahaha. parang A-re-mikana lang kung mag-english eh. :D nakakahiyang magpakita sayo. lols.

  5. @denase... i appreciate your operant conditioning illustration with the DOG. :) how fitting. jk.

    @kamila... di nga ako nagsuklay jan eh. shameless me. lol

    @kai... walang ganyanan. rofl

  6. kamil mentioned your name in her vblog... so I got curious... that's why I followed you right away.. eheheh... do you mind returning the favor?

    take note.. we both posted vblog at the same day... feb 25... ehehhe


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