[[ AWARDS :D ]]

Shukran Kai for these. :D And the rules o receiving the award are:

    I have to thank those who awarded me.
    I have to write 7 and few things about me.
    I have to award it to others to keep the cycle going.
    I have to inform those I awarded. :)

7 things about me...

Un. I want to learn French but French won't let me learn it.

Deux. I am always overly caffeinated that a day without a cup will send me into a fake depression aka withdrawal syndrome.

Trois. Judith Mcnaught is my fairytale.

Quatre. I can finish reading a Sheldon, Rice, or Rowling in a night but it took me about a week to finish Sherlock Holmes.

Cinq. I look up to Ate Samerah Gutoc (the only Maranao journalist I know), Adnan Marohomsalic (fellow Maranao who was number one in the 2001 or 2002, am not sure, electrical engineering board exam), and Adel Tamano (lawyer, opposition spokesperson, Harvard graduate, was a candidate for senate).

Six. I find it difficult to turn down a dare.

Sept. I am on a diet. Eat-all-you-can diet.

I award these to...





Hijabi Hippie Hypo

Ween Azura.


Aiz Kim



  1. thansk for returning the favor... nice blog... anyway... are yo a Muslims...?

  2. @musingan... my pleasure. and yes, i am a muslim.

  3. From? Cotabato? tawi-tawi or I mean from the philippines? or any other country?

  4. thanks for the award! :)

  5. Thanks! Will blog about the award.. this weekend perhaps!

  6. @musingan... from marawi city, philippines.

    @jeleena, procne, zara... :D

  7. thanks so much for the award. I read Sheldon overnight too...lol!


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