My brain cells are too dizzy with overdose of caffeine today. The only title I can come up with is sugarless because I started the day with a cup of hot water plus a heaping teaspoon of Nescafe. No more, no less. My taste buds are not accustomed to the bitterness that they would have died if I did not slather peanut butter so generously on my bread. I’ve always enjoyed my cup with creamer and brown sugar for that caramel taste.

 But then again, I did like my sugarless coffee. It is the balance between the strong bitterness of the coffee and the heavenly sweetness of peanut butter. I remember this show in TLC where Kelly Osborne was served traditional tea and cake during her trip to Japan. She did not like it at all. The tea is bitter and grassy and the cake is sweet. Later on, the geisha explained to her the Japanes philosophy behind it. Surprisingly, like Kelly, I did not get the whole concept. What I just heard ia that in food, there should be a balance. I was telling and reminding myself that as I tried to gulp my first few sips of the drink.

There are a lot of things that I associate with coffee. Let me enumerate a few.

1.    Papang. My father. The biggest influence on my coffee-indulging habit is not Mary-Kate Olsen always caught by paparazzis holding a Starbucks tumbler while donning tommorrow’s next trend nor the Pinoy’s absession with going to Starbucks or Seattle’s Best to take a photos of themselves pretending to be damn rich and SESYAL and then post the photos in Friendster and Facebook for the world to see that they TOO drink Starbucks. My caffeine addiction started when I began taking sips of coffee my father makes. He makes the best kape. Like everytime he makes one, everyone of us usually take turns in sipping that Papang ends up making another cup.

2.   That guy from Asian café. Sorry, I am bad with names. I cannot forget that episode when he travelled to the middle east to sample their coffee. He said that the coffee in the traditional cafes there is so fantastic that he thinks that people in Starbucks are so stupid for paying a lot for a mediocre drink and wi-fi.

3.  Sex. I know. Kinky. Don’t get me wrong. *giggles* It’s just that in high school, our English Elective teacher made us list down the first word that comes to mind when we hear the words cat, dog, and coffee. After that, she revealed to us that the words we listed is actually our subconscious opinion reagarding our best friend(dog), enemy(cat), and sex(coffee). For coffee, some wrote hot, delicious, addicting, relaxing, and stimulating. What did I write? It’s a secret I’ll never tell.


Ayeesha J


  1. I love coffee.... coffee adik din ako...

  2. Wow! I'm seeing changes in your blog. Am I hallucinating? The #3 made me hallucinate this time. Sex is like a coffee break I think. *Insert a joke here*

  3. @musingan.. sabi nga nila, caffeine addiction is an epidemic.

    @denase... i like trying new things. :) pardon me for making you hallucinate. maybe a cup of coffee will relieve that. *wink*

  4. Coffee is the most valuable trading commodity in the world after oil. But I don't drink coffee..hehe..I dont know, it tastes like dirt to me..weird.

  5. I know that thing where the teacher ask about what you think first about the thing that she said.. hahaha.. i answered hot in there.. lol..

    but then I don't think many people are absurd or just making themselves looking sosyal when they go to starbucks...at least not everybody.. I actually love their coffee.. I mean I know nothing about coffee around the world.. also I don't like purchasing expensive stuffs.. haha.. I used to say that a a bucks for a coffee is insane... but then.. well.. someone like me would appreciate it..someone who actually been drinking 3 in 1 coffee half of their lives.. but then if I have your father for a home barista.. then maybe I'll say the same.

  6. hi, i'm a follower. I've been reading your posts, but this is the first time i write a comment.

    I love coffee too. Whether it's 3 in 1, or starbucks or seattle's best doesn't really matter for as long as i could have a sip of a good tasting coffee. What i like best is when make my own coffee. I feel like I have control over the taste, but the way you describe you're papang's coffee makes me want to go to your place and drink from your papang's cup.. hehe..

    have a nice day!


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