(another late post)

After five thousand seconds of poring over some overly overdone piece (oh I love the redundancy), all my melodramatic tendencies went out the door. Next thing I knew I was reading Garance Doré from three in the afternoon until now which is around six. And I am not stopping. I'll be writing this while reading her not to copy or whatever but to have an inspiration. Oh man! I have a girl crush on a 35-year old French lady. I never knew anyone as cool as her. When I'm 35, I'll be like her, never taking life too seriously and will go to a black-tie party with just an ancient white man's button-down shirt and three coats of red lipstick.

Before I knew her, I always see life at 35 as an oppressing life where one is bound to the boring 8-5 job or the endless hassles of domestic chores with the kids and husband or maybe both. She's a testament to the fact that dreams come true, even if it's a big fat shameless fashion dream of sitting beside Anna Wintour, Carine Roitfield, and Giovanna Battaglia in the front row of Karl Lagerfeld runway show. She loves heels and defends the heels with her life. Even if Alexa Chung makes the flats sublime and the snow storm in New York won't let you get past your block if you're in heels. And like me she too grew up in a small town wearing crazy outfits on the streets never caring if a brow or two rose as she walks by. And like me, she feels like she is the best-dressed girl on the streets. And because I totally look up to her for having no modesty and humility in writing, I'll definitely follow suit. Because my friends, blogging is a serious
business equivalent to running a publication with you yourself as the writer, photojournalist, and editor all at once. This is not for the faint at heart because one day you'll get tired and abandon your blogger account like a 90's tight shirt plus loose straight-cut jeans outfit. Because I am as inspired as the Oprah, I see myself doing this blogging thing for a long time. Thanks to Garance. Merci. Je t'adore. I should have learned French by now. Argh!

Garance, I'll read you and I'll follow you until blogging becomes obsolete. Ding! I remembered one of the things on my to-do list before I am too old: go to Paris with a friend, stay in a shabby old apartment close to Le Tour Eiffel. (Anna Lao said she's coming with me. She is serious. I know. We have to start saving up Anna. And learning our French.) Bonne journee!