I don't know if you love her or if you are like me, love to hate her. Cecily von Ziegesar made the infamous gossip girl character Jenny Humphrey the starlet of The It Girl series. The book starts out with "Lil Jenny" leaving Constance Billard to attend an elite boarding school in New York horse country, the Waverly Academy, where glamorous filthy rich kids don't let the rules get in the way of their definition of fun.

After her major downfall in the unforgiving upper east side society, Jenny's only desire is to leave her old Brooklyn self behind her and build a new Waverly Owl Jenny who she pictures as a sophisticated city girl partying in the boarding school. She also hopes to find a guy who won't use her like Nate Archibald did and be around longer than three weeks. But her plans can get a little tricky when she finds out that Waverly Academy has its own set of popular girls who are Serena Vanderwoodsenish and Blair Waldorfish in their own ways.

Juicy gossips, smoking intrigues, and hot guys thrown in, this sure will make our obsession with gossip girl sky-rocket. The combo smells like trouble. But we know our Lil Jenny, she'll do just anything to be the it girl.

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Rating: Mediocre.