So I was reading this book, Nefertiti by Michelle Moran. After Cleopatra, she is the most recognizable of all the queens of the ancient world. Just a short history refresher, Nefertiti was the Chief Wife of Amunhotep, later known as Akhenaten. Daughter of a vizier and a Princess of Mitanni, she was picked by Queen Tiye to wed her son and be his queen when he ascended to the thrown of Egypt. The young couple was passionate on being remembered for eternity that they built a new capital city--Amarna--on the desert, and made Aten(a minor God) replace all other gods.Their reign was ended tragically by rebellion, treachery and plague. 

Today, her exotic beauty carved into a bust remains as one of the most enigmatic piece of Egyptian art. Her kohl-lined wide eyes and cat-like features can only give us a vague picture of a young woman who ruled the richest ancient kingdom like a goddess on earth who actually succeeded on etching her name on the walls of eternity. Thousands of years later, her name still resounds. Nefertiti.

If you are a history freak, this one is a good read. I just wished that it was told through Nefertiti's POV. I imagine that if Anne Rice is the one who wrote this with her signature sensuality and that ability to give a dark almost surreal atmosphere, it would have been perfect. 

I've been reading like crazy these past days, so maybe I'll be writing about books like a worm with OBD--Obsessed with Books Disorder.


  1. Sa'n mo nabili to? I've been looking for a book about nefertiti!

  2. i have an ebook downloaded from symbianize.com


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