The air smells acidic and foul. The stench of human sweat lingers around. There is a yellow glow to the sunlight like an incandescent lamp. The aircons and electric fans are nearing the brink of breakdown from abuse. The white man comes to island to get a tan and a tanned young island girl. The kids are busy in the dance/acting/modeling/painting/cooking workshop. The older naughty kids are cursing in their summer class after flunking the finals. The Bieber fan gets disillusioned after knowing that JB had been rude to another fan. The mall rats are evolving into mall monsters, growing more vicious than ever, scouring every nook of MOA. The fashion trends are in rage for color blocking, juxtaposing big chunks of solid bright colors. We see men in their Hawaiian button downs, and women in frilly maxis bursting with patterns. Fruit juices are served on tall glasses sweating in the sun. Orange orange juice. Yellow mango nectar. Red watermelon shake. Pink
pomelo punch. Colors colors everywhere. But I see on shades of black under my cheap Folded and Hung sunnies.