It is trending nowadays: how to deal with dead Facebook friends. It's not so cool to think what should you do if one of your Facebook friends passes away. I mean, we do not wish that to happen, don't we? Certainly, it is not one of the creepy things that Mark Zuckerberg had anticipated or else he could have created a semblance of a cemetery to complete the virtual living (or dead) world he created.

But really, what if It happens? Should you just delete That account?

According to Social Q's Facebook page (where you are all welcome to join), they would have said: speak with a relative of the Dead about his/her ghoulish life-after-death account and close it. But now, there is the emergence of a new Facebook trend, in which the pages of our dearly departed are converted to tribute pages, on which Facebook friends share their feelings of loss and wax poetic via wall post.

What do you think? Cool or not?


  1. I thinkt it would be nice for the first few days but the novelty will eventually wear off.

    Everybody needs to move on, and having fb "fan pages" for the dead with not help at all.

  2. @jojo... i think you are right. i think it can even be spooky.

  3. You might not want to hear this.

    I had a friend who passed away last year.. and just days after his death, one friend pmed me and said:

    "Mad, Fred had just accepted my friend request..!"
    but he was already on his solemn rest by that time!


    and we know we cannot put your status as: "Dead but still updating my FB" thing

  4. @ahmad... what can i say? spooky!


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