I can't believe what I read in yahoo news tonight, yes ladies and gents, Gaga is sued over fundraising efforts in Japan. Here's what the article said:

"A lawsuit filed in Detroit claims music star Lady Gaga is misleading her fans with an online pitch for donations for victims of the Japan earthquake.

Lady Gaga's website is selling $5 wristbands that say, "We Pray For Japan." The website also allows people to make additional donations and says "all proceeds go directly to Japan relief efforts."

But the lawsuit notes that sales tax and a $3.99 shipping charge are added. Detroit-area attorney Alyson Oliver believes not all money is going to help the Japanese. She wants an accounting.

An email seeking comment was left Monday with a spokesman for Lady Gaga. The lawsuit was filed Friday in federal court in Detroit. It seeks class-action status and possible refunds for people who bought wristbands."

I have a few thoughts in mind?

1. Is it Gaga's fault or whoever she hired to do the job?

2. Knowing that the Fame Monster is too busy with all her tours, shoots and appearances, does she have time to plan this swindling?

3. If Lady Gaga is behind this dark trick, she must born this way: Money+Fame Monster.

4. However, is the $5 plus $3.99 wrist band lucrative enough for Lady Gaga who sold millions of albums for her to do something as cheap as this?

5. Gaga shouldn't be sued this soon. It is just so unlikely that she meant to deceive fans to earn a meager amount which she can easily earn by granting a magazine an interview.

I'm not exactly a Lady Gaga fan. In fact I hate most of her songs, especially the recent ones, like Judas. How blasphemous. Maybe she just wants to embody everything dark and evil in her new album. I can't say for certain. I'm just worried on the extent of her influence to the kids who listen to her songs and watch her on the tv. If only music can have limitations as to who can listen and who cannot just like movies.

I have this love-hate relationship with Gaga. She is a pioneer and an adventurer, she goes where no one goes, she puts so much art in her songs and her persona yet she scares me sometimes with her overly dare-devilish antics and the negative message of her songs. One is entitled to his/her beliefs but to offend others by deliberately saying bad things about others' beliefs is just so wrong. But you know what I think? Gaga is just another woman beneath her intricate costumes. That woman is the one I want to know and understand.


  1. I've heard about this and unfortunately there are people that use charity work for their own interests. I'm not saying Lady Gaga did this but if she did.....she should be punished by all of us not just the law.


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