Yesterday, around five in the afternoon, an old friend surprised me with a book How to Instantly Connect with Anyone by Leil Lowndes--the bestselling author of How to Talk to Anyone. I'm not really a fan of self-help books, I'm more of a fiction and poetry kind of girl. But just browsing the pages tells me it is a no-nonsense book. My friend, his name is Alicman, who is truly like a brother to me, told me to read it by chapter and before I proceed to the next, I practice whatever trick the chapter holds. Yes 'Tol, I will do what you instructed.

So what really a book can do to the girl who reads?

1. The book will entice her senses. She will caress the book cover lovingly, flip the pages and smell that fragrance of ink and paper that is so familiar to her.

2. The book will make her want to stay in bed, with a cup of hot chocolate and the book on her lap.

3. It will infatuate her that she will carry it with her everywhere, in her bag or pressed on her chest, until the infatuation fades and the book will be placed on her shelf of old tattered books that once were her world.

4. It will make her feel this content feeling because she has a new book to read and new knowledge will rush through her veins to the portals of her mind.

5. It will make her forget the trivial things of this world because for a moment, the book brings her to another realm.

6. And yes, it will make her want to read more. More and more books.