...to school (mustard plus navy)

 I am so loving the color mustard. This button-front shirt is so old and so loved by me, I guess I have worn it like a hundred times already. But a trusty men's shirt is so versatile, you can wear it countless times in countless different ways.

I feel I look like a girl from the "vintage" times in this pic.

 Because I wore two solid colors in big amounts, I had to... accessorize, accessorize.

I initially wanted to bring the NEXT brown leather bag instead of this Adore bag because grey is not exactly the best color to go with mustard. But I don't want safe. Safe is boring. 

Gladiators worn over a long heavy skirt is unexpected. :)

Mustard button-front men's shirt: vintage
Long navy skirt: custom-made
Bag: Adore
Gladiators: Parisian 
Necklace: I don't remember where I got them.
Coconut bracelet: pasalubong from Ced(Saidameer Said) from his trip to Bohol