[[ How to Review for the NMAT When You Just Don't Have Enough Time ]]

I have bee receiving inquiries lately regarding the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT). They ask me where to start in reviewing, what to read about, how difficult the exam is, and so on. Thus, I decided to write these tips that I hope can help the NMAT takers this December or this summer even.

1.  Set a time that you can be alone and answer the practice test.  When you apply for NMAT, you get two sets of Practice Test. Here's a fact: the actual NMAT is very similar to the practice test. So when you answer it like as if you are taking the real test, you will gain an insight on what it's like to take the test. You'll get the feel of it.

2.  Check your answers. Do not get frustrated if you got a low score. The good news is you'll know what area you should review more. 

3.  NMAT Part I covers the following areas: verbal, inductive reasoning, quantitative, and perceptual acuity. Part II covers:  biology, physics, chemistry and social science.  My tip is to review one subject matter at a time. If you want to review chemistry today, concentrate on it. Part I does not require review but practice. Eventually, you'll develop your own techniques in answering comprehension test, sequences, math problems, etc. in a really quick way.  Part I needs alertness and quick answering.  In fact, I was not able to answering 4 questions due to time constraints (chinamba ko na lang, lucky shading kumbaga).

4.  Unearth your textbooks. This is for the Part II.  I found the questions in biology, chemistry, physics and social sciences more difficult than basic. You really have  to review the basic as well as not so basic concepts in those areas.  Chemistry includes organic chemistry so review on that too. Physics--it's enough to review Physics 11 ans 12. Social science--sociology and psychology--more on terminologies.  Biology--lahat lahat.  :)

5.  Level up your review usung the MSA NMAT Reviewer available at National Bookstore. All the questions there are out-of-this-world difficult.  But it helped me remember the long-forgotten lectures I've had.  i felt more prepared after having finished answering it.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me, through blogger, twitter, fb, and even in person. I'll be glad to answer your queries.  Good luck!


  1. I'm at a cross-road atm. Torn between road that leads to where I am expected to be at and one that leads to where my heart is. I understand that years ago, you took the NMAT. I'm just wondering if you pursued MD or did you take the road less traveled by? I'm sorry. Diko kasi maascertain.

    Can you make an article about following (or not) your dream. And share a personal experience about it? Like consequences of making a choice? Advices, also.

    Thank you. May Allah swt bless you.

    Happy Ramadhan!

    earnest (chos!) follower.


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