10 Personalities Who Made a Mark in My 2011

In no particular order...

Ramona Bautista

I'll sure remember her as that woman who survived a murder scene untouched and did not call 911 to help her brother and his gf who was shot. Either she wants them to die or she is the moron-est person in the world.

Karla Deras

(photo from karlascloset.blogspot.com)

Karla Deras is the fashion blogger I religiously follow. She's my modern Audrey Hepburn.

Najib Zacaria

Winner of the Film Development Council of the Philippines Sineng Pambansa Lanao del Sur Short Film Competition, and now a finalist in the FDCP National Film Competition, this talented young filmmaker is making waves in the filmmaking scene. You are making as proud Pogs.

Raymond Lee

How can he not make into this list when he went all the way to Marawi to give a screenwriting workshop for us cinephiles at the same time producing the much-loved indie film Zombadings?

Coco Martin

Call me Jologs, I don't care. Whenever I see this dude on the boobtube, I want to swoon. His performance in Noy hammered the last nail on the coffin.

Anne Curtis

The only reason I watch Showtime is to see what Anne Curtis is wearing. Undeniably, 2011 is her year with a top-grossing film, platinum album, and a million twitter followers under her belt.

Tickee Lao

TOSP. First elected female SSG president in Mindanao State University-Main Campus. Young leader. Pretty face. Absolute cuteness. What more can I say? She blogs too. Check her out in http://snhlao.tumblr.com/

Jinkee Pacquiao

This woman reinvented herself. We saw her transformation from a camera-shy wife of a boxer to a celebrity on her own rights without us being warned. How did she do that?

Steve Jobs

He changed the world with the touch screen. The world of gadgets was revolutionized by this visionary. However, his death left a black hole. Who else can think of sci-fi like gadgets and actually work to make them into a possibility?

Last but not the least...

Muammar Gaddafi

Another great man, at least for me. One thing, I do not believe that he is as bad as CNN portrays him to be. Enough said.


Here's a vid I made... a New Year message.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoiftBqWPho]


  1. I've been following Karla since forever too! :) Love her style to bits.
    Yeah. I believe what you said about Muammar Gaddafi too. I respect him so much.

  2. I loooove the vid babs. I can see how happy you are right now.

  3. karla's look is so iconic. she stand out among a sea of fash-bloggers. and we are on the same boat when it comes to gaddafi. :( thanks for dropping by kai.

  4. thanks. it is not unknown to you that you played a part on why i am happy. :D thanks thanks much baps.

  5. Seriously? Wow! The video is epic. Ang ganda ng start. Yey! Stay happy daani! ^__^

  6. thanks daani. inspired eh no?


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