Ask Ayee #1

Let's take a break from all the bad news that I have been covering in the past few days. My stress level is off the roof, I need a dose of anything not-so-serious. Fortunately, I received a mail via my Ask Me Anything page from reader Maia.


1. So, Ayee, do you pray? Five times a day?

I do pray, not necessarily 5 times a day. Some days, I can complete my daily prayers, some days my score can dip to zero. I don't want to make an excuse. Yes my work is tough but that's not it. Faith is like the tides. Some days my faith is strong, I can will myself to pray despite everything. Some days, my Imaan weakens, I get lazy. That's not a good thing. May Allah swt, the Merciful, forgive us.

2. What do you think of on and off hijabis?

I was an on and off hijabi before I committed full time. I can speak for myself that covering up is not easy especially if you are just starting. It's a lifestyle change. The fact that a girl already makes an effort to put it on is commendable. When they take it off, let's not judge na lang. We don't know what struggles they go through. In shaa Allah, those with the right intention will be able to transition from on and off to full-time.

3. Define modesty.

Wag na yaaaan. 😜

4. What's your advice to younger ones than you in academics and in life in general?

Just two things babe: 1. sundin ang payo ng mga magulang. I learned it the hard way. Some things in life, only those old enough to have wisdom will understand. Their advice are from their own experience. 2. Know your passion. Enroll in the course that you truly love. You won't be as happy if you study something na napilitan ka lang.

5. Do you seek for a total independent Bansamoro state?

No, I don't. I was born a Filipino and that is something that is already a part of me. I love my country, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. But I do wish for a more autonomous region where Sharia can be implemented well if not completely.

6. What are your I wish I had and I wish I were?

I wish I had more time with my Papang so I can fully show him my gratefulness for raising us with integrity. He is but a simple man, but he is the greatest man I know.

I wish I were prettier. Charot! Pero di nga. LOL

7. Professional or Ulama leader?

Someone who is both an ulama and a professional. Right now I am thinking of the likes of Dr. Hamid Barra. An may be morally upright and knows all the rulings of Shariah but he may not have the technical and scientific knowledge to be able to adapt to the modern times. A professional my not have the moral compass of a true Muslim, he may just lead the people astray. Dapat balance.

Maia thank you for dropping by. I had fun answering. Shukran. 💛, Ayee


  1. Hi Ayee, I was once your schoolmate way back. We were not that close, but I would like to think we were friends. :-) I have lingering questions about Islam and the Maranao ways that I cannot ask out loud and, having followed your blogs and posts, I would like to ask these to you now. 1. I have read from a post of a Muslim friend that engaging in war to spread Islam is fine. Is this true? 2. What is your opinion on arranged marriages? :-)

  2. (with a 'kilig smile' relate that to your piahontiveros kilig moment while on air on cnn) what a way to conclude this day ayee. I hope it gets better and better with you and our society.

  3. what a way to conclude d day. I hope it gets better and better with you and with our society. FiAmanillah.

  4. Are you still single or married?


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