Glimpses in Black and White

Mar Roxas in a meet-and-greet in Iligan City. One word: lukewarm.
Pupils in MSU-ILS waiting for the arrival of US Ambassador and party.
H.E. US Ambassador Philip Goldberg in MSU.

Young men who dance Sagayan, a Meranao war dance.
Young Moro warriors in an MILF camp in Wato.
A traffic enforcer in Banggolo, Marawi City who found a bundle of money and after waiting weeks and the money was not claimed even after being announced over the radio decided to donate the money to Saksi Islamic Radio Forum relief efforts during the height of clashes in Butig.

A child evacuee whose enthusiasm captured my heart.

The ulamas in Marawi City praying for rain early in the morning of March 28, 2016.

Mosque inside the JMM grounds.

Edu Manzano in a speaking engagement in MSU.Marawi.

APO during the campaign sortie of Binay and other UNA candidates in Iligan City.