If I could Tell Duterte, Bombit, Gandamra, and other Politicians a Thing or Two

Adiong Lanao del Sur Politics

Rodrigo Duterte

In a long time, this maybe is one rare opportunity to make Mindanao catch up with the rest of the Philippines. It will probably take a long time to elect another Mindanaoan to the highest position in the government. So please, don't mess this up. Despite your offensive rape joke and an overall dismissive attitude towards critics, I voted for you because you are the only one who showed a true understanding of the Mindanao problem--historical injustices. I understand that drug-busting is your primary agenda but surely in 6 years you have ample time to reconcile the divided island. And please have a Moro in your cabinet, one who can represent us with justice, not someone who will just use the power to employ his kin in the government and put his family members in strategic positions in different agencies.

Leni Robredo

Your good nature can sometimes be mistaken for naivete. Prove them wrong. Detach yourself from the Yellow Troops so your true capability can shine. The Daang Matuwid has been perverted a lot, may we never hear it again from you. When you campaigned here in Marawi City, you had nothing but kind words for our local politicians. I hope you get to know who are they really.

Bombit Adiong Jr.

The reason we voted for your mother is because it is our understanding that  you are actually still the one calling the shots. Know that the people of Lanao del Sur have been happy with how your family have been serving the people. Know that despite the number of Adiongs in public office can be categorized as a fat dynasty (as I learned from a seminar with Mindanews: thin dynasty is when a single position in the government is held by one family, while fat dynasty is when several positions are held by the same family), between you and them, we will choose you over and over again. My wish is that may you uphold the trust of the people to the best of your capability.

Atty. Majul Gandamra

I have so much to tell you but let me boil all of them down to a simple thank you. For more than a decade, the quality of life in Marawi City has dipped to all-time low. I can enumerate how many things I complain about the city. So thank you, for taking the challenge to be the agent of change. We know that the task is Herculean. The task took lives, and for that, we join you in your bereavement. Mayor, know that us, the residents of Marawi since birth are banking on you. Lately volunteer groups have been revitalized and have been helping in cleaning the city streets. The people are thirsty for change, you see. May you be the one the people have been praying for.

Mujiv Hataman

Mujiv Hataman

The photo above doesn't make sense. It's a peculiar photo that raises a lot of questions. Wala akong masabi. (facepalm)

Al-Rashid Lucman

Although I wish Bin Laden won, even if at the very beginning I knew it was next to impossible, I have no qualms about your victory other than my wish that you ran instead for congressman. You can do better than being the second man behind the RG. We need more good people in the congress.

Hooky Adiong

I just have to ask, where were you in the heat of the BBL debate?

Manny Pacquiao

Hire the most brilliant people in your staff. Wala eh, wala na kaming magagawa.

Tito Sotto

I have no words for you but to the millions of people who voted for you: WHY?

Miriam Defensor-Santiago

Street smart beats book smart almost all the time. Nevertheless, you showed us what a wonder woman you are. I have seen how cancer can bring the strongest men to their knees but your perseverance is truly remarkable. I wish you good health and if you are well in 6 years, perhaps...

Bongbong Marcos

If Leni won in the Moroland, that is not because she cheated. Even of the Philippines have forgotten Martial Law, we haven't and will never. If we haven't forgotten Martial Law, how much clear its is to our memory how you causes BBL to crash and burn. So please give it up already. P.S. Run again, the same result, we still are not voting for you.


  1. I'm having the same thought of where the hell is hooky, during the BBL debate? I haven't even seen him on TV, only Pangalian.

    1. I hope we hear more from him when federalism debates start.

  2. I want to know if there is a possibility for a government-owned drug rehabilitation in Lanao del Sur considering the bulging number of drug addicts. But before that, to whom would I raise this question? To the President? Or to Adiong?


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