Leni: Moro's Protest Vote Against Marcos

Leni, famous for being the Robredo widow, with only one term as a congresswoman under her belt seems to be the best choice according to many Meranaos I've talked to. Between Bongbong Marcos, son of the dictator, and Cayetano, with his infamous Muslims are terrorists line, or Chiz with his pan de sal metaphor, As ARMM Regional Vice-Governor said, Leni is our protest vote against those who oppressed the Bangsamoro.

In her campaign sortie in Marawi City, I did not expect the number of people who gathered. For the first time while covering a campaign sortie, I had goosebumps when Leni appeared with a yellow hijab around her head, looking radiant and all smiles. I saw a few women who were tearful, gushing about how beautiful Leni is.

The following are 10 things I learned from Leni's campaign sortie:

1. Money is not all that is important in elections. 

When she ran for congress, she couldn't even afford sound system. Yet she won over her rich opponent with a remarkable 80% win.

2. At the end of the day, people will vote for who is in their hearts.

Even if you buy people's vote with your money, unless they truly want to vote for you, they'd still shade the number of the one they truly want.

3. Platforms are not the only way to assert that you are the best candidate, a life story is enough. Especially if it is MMK-worthy.

Leni did not promise anything, she made everyone in JPI that morning love her just by telling them who she is, what she's been through and what she intends to be. She said promises can change, but not personality. A thief will remain a thief. A good person will remain a good person.

4.Charisma is real. One smile and a candidate can melt you.

Leni's presence electrified everyone in the venue. The energy can be felt in the air. It wasn't PILIT.

5. Being pro-Muslim has benefits. 

They'll ive you solid vote if they love you, you won't be able to fool them into voting for you if you make an enemy out of them

6. Leni spends 3 days in Congress, 3 days in her congressional district, and 1 day devoted to her family. 

Most congressmen are absent in the sessions and are difficult to be reached by his constituents.

7. Leni rides the bus every week to come home to Naga by bus. That's a 10-hour ride without the comfort of a luxury car and hordes of assistants.

8. Sincerity can't be faked.

9. A good woman is as good as a good man.

10. Leni suppported the BBL.

11. Leni started from 1% popularity in the surveys and now she's probably our next VP. 

My vote will go to the one who cares the most for my people, the one who truly respects Muslims, the one who will help us in our cause. If you're asking if she is my VP. Let me answer you with a hashtag:



  1. Salamat for your election posts. It helps to understand more about the candidates.

    It's very true that Sincerity can't be faked especially in politics.

  2. You're welcome. This country can greatly benefit from more citizens actively participating in nation-building. We are done choosing our leaders, we can proceed to the next thousand steps.


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