I am Having a Bad Week

I am not feeling myself this week. It has been very stressful for me to be juggling so many things at the same time. I underwent a medical exam in Cagayan de Oro last week and I had a fainting spell when the staff drew blood from me. I went home nauseated but endured the long hours of land travel just to attend my cousin Sheng's wedding to Juff. I barely made it. Glad to see Ate Nafs again after like a decade. My day ended at 10pm that day.

Thus my well-being suffered throughout the week because I was physically exhausted. And that cause many backlogs in my schedule that I am trying but with no success as of the moment. I am pretty hard on myself in these instances when I could not deliver what is expected of me. I find myself bursting into tears when the strings are pulled too taught.

Yesterday, I experienced my longest Marawi-Iligan travel which took 4 hours. It rained hard, it flooded, there was a landslide along Nunucan, long story short, I had the worst travel-induced back pain ever.

To add to the distress, my personal life is suffering as well. How do you keep trusting the boy who cries wolf all the time?

Through all this mud that I am waddling in, I tell mysef, this too shall pass. Tomorrow is a better day In Shaa Allah.

Let me leave down below of a video I made on the federalism symposium held in MSU-Marawi. I am constantly trying to learn new tricks to improve my video editing skills. Got a trick? Share naman!

'Til next time. Bisous.


  1. May Allah give you shifa fast. Ameen.

    “Verily, with every Hardship there is Ease”
    (Noble Qurán 94:6)

    King Akbar asked Birbal, “Write something on this wall which if read in good times makes you sad, and if read in your bad times makes you happy.”
    Birbal wrote - "This time also will pass soon."

  2. I really love your theme ate! :)

    1. Thanks. It took a bit of time customizing my theme. I cleared away from the usual blogger look.


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