Traveling is Life (Meranao Millennials 1)

Travel is life

I am in Singapore right now, cramped with three of my friends in a cheap hotel in the less glamorous part of the city. When I saw the sponsored ad on Facebook about cheap travel package to Malaysia and Singapore, I convinced my friends to grab the offer. I told them, this trip is going to be Instagram-able.

Two days have passed and I barely noticed. I didn't have time to really soak myself into the locality. I must have spent half my time taking photographs of myself in blogger poses with the iconic SG vista as my backdrop.

I am up at night scrolling through my photos and deciding which ones I will post. It is not easy. I have to appear like I am having THE life. Once I have chosen the right photos, filtering them is the next hurdle. Sometimes I get confused which will I use first: Afterlight or VSCO?

I am looking at this selfie that I posted while I was in NAIA. How come I only got 17 likes? My brows are on fleek and I made sure the plane ticket placement in the photo is subtle but cannot be ignored. I mean, c'mon! This girl is travelling. This girl is cool. She can afford to throw weekends away for leisure.

Oh wait! Where will I go next after this trip ends? Let's browse Facebook for more cheap flights. My savings account will be closed in two weeks as I have let it be below the minimum balance for too long. But travel is life. I am young. Savings is not that really of a big deal.

Most of my high school friends are now settled. Their feeds are filled with photos of their babies and their husbands. Most of them have gotten fat. Only their carefully pinned hijab can hide that roundness. Sometimes I get jealous. But I can't compete with that. I am single AF. So I will fill my feed with photos of me posing in ever city I visit. My carefully curated feed will create a picture of #goals. No one can say I am not happy. No one can say I am lonely.

(Meranao Millennials is a series of character profiles of people I have created in my mind. These are fictitious characters. Any semblance to real-life people is purely coincidence.)


  1. I love it! :D More please!!

  2. Hi. Didn't realize I'm already glued on my phone's screen while scolling your blog. Thumbs up!


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