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Links I Love Vol. 2

pink flatlay

Prettify your desktop and phone wallpaper

Download these free wallpaper for your desktop and mobile phone wallpapers and matching calendar printable.

Simplify your beauty routine

Master the art of effortless French beauty with Garance and her friends.

Make Michelle Obama your spirit animal

Aren't these photos of the former @POTUS and @FLOTUS just scream #goals?

Do you own too many bags?

These storage ideas will keep your bags from damage and your room tidy.

Conquer that stage fright

Up your communication game with these tips.

Sound smart even if you say um a lot

Using filler words in moderation ca actually be a strategic tool.

Avoid decision fatigue

Instead, do these shortcuts to focus your mind to the more important stuffs.

Start your morning right

Have a morning ritual to keep you perky throughout the day.