Consider Playing Guitar as a Diversion


Lately I have been depressed. I lost my interest in  the usual things I do, I sleep more, and I do not feel like socializing anymore. I have been looking for ways to lift this dark cloud that has shrouded me with so much sadness. And I thought, how about I try playing guitar as a divesrion?

I have learned how to play the instrument in my senior high school. The first song  I learned to play was Leaving on a Jet Plane because the chords are easy and the strumming is a no-brainer. On or final exam, I played a Parokya ni Edgar song, a song that required more complicated playing.

Years after, I haven't played  the instrument again although I have enjoyed playing it immensely. I remember my fingertips caloused from hours of practice. I remember the joy of just sitting on my bed playing music on my own, not caring whether I strummed perfectly.

And now I am considering taking playing guitar as a hobby again. I have browsed the internet and found this guitar center sacramento and I am excited. I am starting to gfeel again what it is to anticipate something good.

The music is playing again on my fingertips with the beat of my heart.