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Some Changes in my Blog

Ayeesha Dicali Style

When I started this blog, I intended it to be a personal blog where I can freely write about my daily mundane life, my interests, and express my femininity. But because of my previous job, this blog turned out to be more about commentary on Meranao society and politics.

Sometimes, writing about the ills of the society gets to me that I get depressed for days to the point that blogging has become less enjoyable when it used to be my hobby, something that I do for fun.

But I cannot leave blogging altogether. I have been blogging for the past five years or so. Please do not ask me the links of my old blogs, because jahe.

So the remedy that I found is to create a separate section where I can post about the girly girl side of me.

Here's what the style section looks like:

I transferred some old posts there. So if you're also into fashion and beauty, let's interact over there. But if you're here for my serious stuff, I will still continue to write here. But for now, give me a short break. I need a boost of normalcy in my life, let me talk about anything other than the siege. 

But first, ladies, here's a link to my style section:



  1. I am glad that there will be some new good changes and it will become a one stop for us to get all the info. Nice that you have changed the blog but it will be more time consuming.


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