Iligan City, Lanao del Norte, Philippines

Iligan Food Scene Will Surprise You

I may have mentioned this already that I have been living in Iligan for a year already and I must say, I am loving it here. Prior to Marawi siege, my brothers and I have been leasing a small apartment. However, I rarely have time to go see the food scene in Iligan myself. Last month, Renee of Random Bibliophile and I decided to go out regularly to check out what's cooking in Iligan. We were lucky to have been with the Iligan Bloggers Society for they had an event last July 29-30, named #EatIligan 2.0, where we visited homegrown restaurants in Iligan City. And I must say, I was surprised by what I found out.

Here's a quick glance of that fun-filled weekend:

1. If you're craving for sweets, here are samples of what Iligan can offer:

Unicorn Frappella
Have you ever seen a frappe as unicorn-ly pretty as this? Get one at Frappella Crib.

Chocolate Truffles Schokolade
Personalized chocolate truffles at Schokolade.

2. The pater at Pater Al-Kuwait made me nostalgic for Marawi. 

Pater Meranao
(Pater is a native Meranao food that made of chicken or beef plus rice wrapped in banana leaf.) 

3. Before I show more food, a summary of a blogger's life first:

Iligan Bloggers Society
Frappella Crib has this cute sign ready for us when we arrived.
Ayeesha Dicali with Iligan Bloggers
Bloggers don't eat until they had enough shots of the food, even if they're hungry, even if the food looks enticing because priorities, that's whyy.
Iligan Toursim Bus
Riding the Iligan Tourism bus made me feel so gara. Lol.

4. Bentos come in many combos at Ramen-yah! They're so good I feel like I can easily finish two in one sitting.

Japanese food
Feast for the eye and palate.

Ramen-yah Robinsons Iligan
The ambiance in Ramen-yah, 3rd Floor Robinson's Iligan Branch makes you forget you are eating in a mall food court.

5. Iligan has unique versions of our comfort foods:

Pesto Iligan City
Freshly made Pesto at Pinch.

Triple Trouble burger at House of Fries
Triple Trouble, a burger with three beef patties for the big eater at House of Fries.
Pizza and Footlong at Pop Snack
 Pan de Pizza and Chili Jalapeño Footlong at Pop Snack.

  6. If you are a vegan, a fitness enthusiast, a weight-watcher, or wanting to lose a few pounds, Adventist Medical Center Iligan Nutrition and Dietetics Services has everything you need.

Tofu rolls
Dieting doesn't mean eating bland food. Vegan can actually mean delicious. 

 7. Iligan has many cafes. My latest find is Pinch that serves Malaysian Tea and Vietnamese Coffee.

Coffee selection at Pinch Iligan
Teh Tarik, a hot milk tea is a comforting drink. Not too sweet, its froth is sprinkled with a pinch of cinnamon.

 8. Moreover, many restaurants in Iligan have interiors that are Instagram worthy, we couldn't get enough of taking photos of every corner.

Pinch Iligan Shabby Chic

Pop Snack Western Style

Iligan has become my second home. With every new discovery, I fall in love with it. The people are warm and friendly, the proprietors are culturally sensitive. Many know the meaning of halal and explained to me how they keep their food halal for their Muslim patrons. 

In the next few weeks, I will be posting about the places that I have visited through #EatIligan 2.0 and will talk about them in more detail so you will know what they offer and how to get there. Watch out for it. 


  1. great photos! love the color pallette!

    1. Thanks. I do enjoy taking photographs. Although my zoom lens is limiting. I must invest in a wide angle lens asap.

  2. Seems delicious (if vegetarian haha)! xo

    1. There are vegetarian options, Lilia. But they are difficult to find. I know only one vegetarian place here in our city.


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