Life Update

Ayeesha Dicali

I've been saying over and over again that I am going to write more. Many months have passed and I couldn't find the time to open my blogger dashboard. It's fiesta in Iligan City right now and I am on a long weekend. Found some time to sit and think about writing. Anything. Just about anything.

How about a life update eh?

1. One of my subjects has stolen so much of my time. I find myself studying for 8 hours a day.

2. I have been consistently going to the gym for two months now. I have just enrolled for the 3rd month. I can say that I have improved in terms of my weight--I gained two pounds, and in terms of my shape--I am no longer stick thin. I have flesh on my bones now. The booty is growing. Lels!

3. I may not have written about it but my family has settled on our 3rd home in Iligan. It's not ours, but this feels more like home. FOr now.

4. My social media activity has declined. I am now a lurker, not an active participant anymore. Facebook has become a dumpster of negativity and clickbait-y content. I deleted my Instagram too. My phone, which is one drop away from dying cannot handle anymore app.

5. I am single AF. Bow.