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My Rest-of-2020 To-Do List

Half of the year seems to have been flushed down the drain without us noticing while we hope that this pandemic will go away soon. Neighboring countries have reported flattening the curve and yet our country is making the curve more steep. I spent 6 months quarantining at home. What was thought to be a month of community quarantine stretched and stretched until I have accustomed myself to living in a bubble at home. 

September. October. November. December. I still have four more months to make this year feel not a complete waste of time. So here I made a list of to-dos.

  • Write a blog at least twice a month. There maybe just a few things happening while quarantined but this unprecedented times is worth chronicling. (Sometimes it even feels like the early part of an apocalyptic movie.)
  • Tend to your garden consistently. It will be nice to see them in full bloom next summer. 
  • And yes, that includes the nocturnal snail hunting to keep those leaf-munchers at bay. I didn't think I would be doing this but having your plants being eaten by garden pests after months of taking care of them will make anyone do more than being a snail police. 
  • Add more varieties of succulents to your collection. 
  • Grow a herb and vegetable garden. Ornamental plants are pretty but girl, we gotta eat too.
  • Find better pots for your bonsai. 
  • Have more trees to turn into bonsai. When your retire, you will be surrounded by decades old bonsai to take care of. That sounds like a good retirement plan.
  • Finish all those books you have started before finding more books to read. 
  • Learn to dance. Dance to Tik Tok dance challenges and set to private. No one has to see you squirm like a worm.
  • Embrace gaining a bit of weight. While at-home workouts is doable, let's admit to the defeat of not being able to reach 8,000 pre-COVID step count. We are never gonna be as active given the online schooling scheme that we have now. Just don't overeat though.
  • Reach mythic in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Learn to play a hero other than Nana. 
  • Block/unfollow content that triggers you. Your mental health is important. Everyone is at the brin of snapping already, don't be the one to go first.
  • Accept this time of solitude to reflect. Listen to your inner voice. If she tells you negative stuffs, train her to say only positive words. You are your own ally Don't let yourself the loudest voice that puts you down.
  • Mind your prayers.
  • Stop mindlessly scrolling through Shopee, adding to cart does not give a dopamine shot that lasts.
  • Appreciate the now.
  • Live today, everyday. 


  1. Hi Ate, I missed you! Natawa ako sa tiktok and mobile legends bit XD


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