I am Ayeesha Dicali a jane-of-all-trades from Marawi City who runs this activist lifestyle blog. I am currently living in Iligan City. I was a teacher. And then I became a journalist. And now, currently chasing another dream because why not? Life is too short for a single trade.

I blog because...

1. As a millennial with a tendency to overshare, this space is my little nook on the internet where I chronicle my life. I am Ayeesha. I am here. This is my story, Hear my voice.

2. I love writing short fiction that may or may not be inspired by real events. So here is where I intend to self-publish because stories are meant to be shared.

3. I am a Meranao, a tribe that has inhabited Lake Lanao and I want to create online content about my people and my home because we have so much to offer in terms of the richness of our culture, the hold of Islam in our lives, and the beauty our homeland and its people. But as much as I am proud of my heritage, I want to start a conversation on how we can spark change in a culture that has bound itself too tightly in practices and values that hold it back from developing.

For PR inquiries, get in touch via my e-mail (info@byayeesha.com).