Tuesdays and Fridays, I have an 11:30 am-1:00 pm class. So I have to have my lunch a little late for MSU standard, that is at 1 pm. Most of my friends are out of site by now, either having their classes or wht have you. Thus, I am compelled to eat alone.

          But it is okay. Really. Especially if you have mastered the art of eating solo. Some people I know can't stand it. Like as if we are in an American teenage movie that implies that when you are alone in the cafeteria, you are a nobody. A loser.

           Have you seen the movie Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts in it? There is this particular scene where she eats in an outdoor resto with no one but her perfect plate of spaghetti and a English-Italian dictionary. Imagine this, she and her sumptuous meal. Every bite she savors, not caring who looks at her (it's Europe anyway, no nosy people) .

          Yesterday, I wanted to recreate the scene. Instead of an outdoor cafe, I ate at Jeco's where they have this porch that overlooks the whole commercial center of the university. I had Chinese spaghetti instead of Italian and a French book in lieu of an Italian dictionary(been studying French for months now).

(pasta and French lessons)

My definition of  PARFAIT (perfect). =) 


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