It’s Saturday. A day before the dreaded test. I’ve been breaking out for weeks just thinking of it. I wake up everyday feeling burdened. I’ve had sleepless nights sweating cold under my sheets with the thought that I won’t get my target percentile.

          But why, you may ask. What is this NMAT thingy?

          NMAT--National Medical Admission Test--is a must if you want to pursue medicine in the Philippines. It is administered by Center for Educational Management since 1985. It’s like, if you want to go to the best med school, you have got to get at least 90. The results is in percentile, that means that those who got 90 belongs to the top 10 percent. It’s not about how many checks and exes you got, it’s about how you rank among the thousands of NMAT takers.

          Who can take the test?

          Anyone who has a bachelor’s degree or at least a graduating student. I’ve read somewhere that the number of NMAT takers increases this year. Much of the bulk came from nurses who can’t get a job and decided to pursue medicine.

          You know I shouldn’t be this stresses out. My fault. I set a very high standard for myself. Like, I have to get my goal score. I have to. Maybe NMAT is just a formality because some say that grades are what the med schools really look into, but hey, I can’t let this slip, this opportunity to prove my potential med school that I am worthy to be accepted.