[[ AU REVOIR 2010 ]]

Three days from now, I would have to habituate myself in writing the date, instead of 2010, I'd be writing 2011. I don't know why but whenever the year closes towards its end, I can't help but get this bitter-sweet feeling. Bitter, for many reasons like that feeling of I could have done more with the three hundred sixty-five days I was given. Sweet, because I have a clean slate to start over with.

What will I miss about last year? Number one, the drama of going back to school. Yes, I've been out of school for a while. Little miss Ayeesha MD, like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, once dropped out of school for reasons that are too complicated to be posted here. Maybe I'll talk about it later on, in a write up all about it. But unlike those two filthy rich computer geeks, I decided to come back this year to finish my last year in premed. I came back to chase my newfound dream--to become an MD. But coming back to school isn't easy. It's awfully full of unnecessary drama. But I'll miss all that. Because it tested my patience, faith, and inner strength. It reaffirmed the fact that I've always have known, that Mamang and Papang loves their daughter too much that they don't give a damn if she wastes her time trying to figure out first what she wants in life instead of going to school without a clear intention in mind.

Number two, I'll miss the presidential campaign. I was in color green that time, head to toe. I WAS FOR GIBO! It was the most exciting election ever for the competition was tight. Like, Villar stank with billions of pesosesoses to spend for appeal-to-pity campaign ads. Meanwhile, Noynoy was as clean as a polo shirt newly washed with Tide, Ariel, Surf, Mr. Clean, and Champion combined. At hindi daw siya magnanakaw. With that ala-Santino campaigns and Mama and Papa to make the Filipino people feel obligated to vote for him, can you ask for more? There was Erap too, with surprisingly large number of following. I believe that he did not run to win. He ran to absolve himself from all the funny businesses he got into before he was ousted of the Palace. He wanted to clean his dirty laundry by showing the world that the majority of the MASA still believes in him. Honestly, I was surprised by that. Mga Pinoy nga naman. Forget and forget. And there was another
one, that guy in yellow, head of a religious affiliation I believe. I can't even remember his name. Ah, Eddie Villanueva? But never mind. I don't know him. Really. Why was I in color green then? In fact, I still keep that green rubber wrist band. Actually, I believe in galing at talino. For a change, I want a president I can truly be in awe of. More work, less talk. Someone who won't deceive the people with brainwashing but by naked facts. Someone who has that strong character to lead a country with firmness. He is young and young blood still carries that passionate idealism, that tomorrow is a better day and the system has hopes for change.

Number three, NMAT blues. How I'd miss the kaba I get whenever I think about NMAT. How I'd miss those Saturdays and Sundays sitting in my review classes, those Tuesday and Friday afternoons spent in the American Studies Section of the library answering the MSA NMAT reviewer. I miss the anticipation, the stress, the adrenaline rush, the sleepless nights. I'll miss the two weeks of waiting for the results. Like, I literally palpitate everyday. I'd miss the three hours face to face with the monitor trying to download the pdf file of my result. Never in my life had I got so scared. Sounds overacting. But you see, I set a really high standard for myself. After being out of school last year, I had to do REALLY good in NMAT to prove to my parents that I still am as good as ever. That I deserve a shot in medicine. I remember telling my bestie Yanna that if I get a not-so-satisfactory score, i won't go to med school at all. What for when I can't be the best
anyway? So what's my score? I'll post it soon, maybe I'll include a screen shot of my result. Haha.

I believe it has been a good year.And I won't wallow nostalgia for too long. 2011 is winking at me from a distance. Better ready myself for all that will come. Med school, here I come!


  1. Waaah! Ate, mahirap bang mag-med? Ano bang pre-med course mo?

  2. Good luck getting back to school.. ako din eh.. hay dropped out.. pero hopefully makabalik na next year!!! At.. si Gordon gusto ko nung election.. I don't know why.. but I think I believe in him ng sobra..

    well..have a nice day!!


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