Such a cliche, that tradition of making new year's resolutions. I made some last year and listed them on my organizer-turned-notebook. Here's what I wrote:

"Jan. 1 midnightish

Thursday night. Watched Us Girls, Fashionista by Heart, ANTM. Went to bed, now making my resolutions. Wearing a yellow Toy Story shirt and red-yellow print shorts. Fireworks. Radio on in the neighbor. Buddy and Lats watching TV. A mouse in my trash bin,trapped. A meowing cat. Gunfires. Hair tucked under a white bonnet. Airg on my mobile. A miniature unfinished, scattered on the floor. My old shabby about-to-die phone. Monkey stuffed toy hugging my curtain. Am leaving 2009 now, entering 2010. Goodbye bad memories. Welcome hope.


Patience patience!

Work out

Let go.

Work toward goal"

That's how I welcomed 2010. A sat down and just wrote everything my senses could perceive. I wanted to capture the moment, and that feeling of readiness to face a new year. I couldn't even write a coherent grammatically correct crap. But didn't matter.

Am I successful with fulfilling all that I promised then? In some degree, yes. But not totally. But that's not the essence of resolutions, I believe. It's not about overnight makeovers. Sesolution is simply reaffirming that we still have some room for improvement and that desire to be better versions of ourselves is still ever-present. Some people, like Luis Manzano, doesn't believe in it. He said we can change any time of the year. I second that. Although I still like making resolutions on new year's eve because it is my personal tradition. It prepares me mentally for a new start. All the nostalgia and sentimentality generated by the year end is just perfect to heighten my hopes for a better year, better ME.

What about you, what is your new year's resolution? I won't be making mine now, but on the new year's eve. I'll be blogging about it. Promise.


  1. I used to chat in airg too but left it after few months. :)
    Im thinking about resolutions too. but I think, I don't have to write it down because I always put the priorities. Eh, I know em already well nmn.
    That's right too. We can change anytime we want. ;))

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  3. you're an md in the making!? :D niiiice. i gotta jump on making my resolutions. will probably post tonight (too). happy new year's eve!


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