Sittie Ayeesha is my real first name. I was the only daughter in the family for like a decade so Papang fondly called me Okilan. I know. My first name sounds weird and my moniker even weirder. Okilan was then shortened, became Oki. I don't know exactly when was that that the unthinkable happened. The two-syllable Oki even got shorter. Ox. I shouldn't be surprised if later on, I'll be left with nothing but O. Or worse, with nothing at all, if that is possible.


I am very sure that I am not the most victimized in this name game. (Notice: to all my friends who will  read this blog, if you think that you have a very bad nick name, please do not proceed reading for  statistics show that there is a 67.5 % that your name will be listed here. But you'll read anyway. At least I  warned you. *wink*) The following are the unfortunate ones:

1.       Najima-Mato
2.       Rashid's moniker is Lantoy, it doesn't sound so bad but I wanna be mean to him after praising him excessively in my last FF post so I am including him here.
3.       Guilla-Guilty
4.       My brother Barry is called in a variety of names the worst so far is Balindongdong.
5.       Sahara-Sars (What can be worse than being named after a disease?)
6.       Donorain-Dongski (Dongski is an eatery frequented by Maranaos who go down Iligan. As far as I know, it has been replaced by Neneski. Lol)
7.       My childhood friends who I used to play with when I was younger have the worst nicks--Pokndo and Poronggay.

But of course there are the lucky ones whose parents have the wits to call them cute and fancy names that they will love to keep for the rest of their lives. Some of them I know are:

1.       My bestfriend Juhairah Mindalano-Goldy
2.       Zanera-Lilang which is the Maranao equivalent of darling
3.       Jinan-Babylove
4.       Princess-Petite (from cute to cuter)
5.       Norhanie-Tickee
6.       My super gwapo brother Cahar-Mac (short for Mcguiver)
7.       Ana Famela-Leanne
8.       Hafiza-Happy :D

          It's not really our fault that we have bad monikers. We don't choose them, people around us give them to us. The following people are the ones who took the path less taken. They gave themselves their nick.

1.       Ambayanan, my gorgeous babz, was called simply Ambay. But during our second year in high school, she baptized herself as Ambishiro. Now, she is the famous Shiro.
2.       The best of this category, I say, is Adnan who is now called Dayana Mendoza after the Miss Universe 2008 winner from Venezuela.

Above are the extremes. But let's not forget those who are in between. Yung mga normal ang palayaw:

1.       Jaria-Mamai/Mei
2.       Mohammad-Ben
3.       Rashidi-Doss
4.       Ahmad-Axie/Amad/Dom 
5.       Johaira Cader-Bamba
6.       Jamaleah-Maling
7.       Marlette-Let
8.       Aynolhyatt-Aya

Last but not the least are the people I have special nicks for. Special mention kayo dito:

1.       Quiz wizard Oboy. I call him Ogirl
2.       Salman my senior in the bio department-Salwoman

Why do I call them that? That's a secret I'll never tell. Bien sûr.


  1. pet name ko nung bata ako? POKLAY.. at simula elem hanggang 2nd year college ako nagtatanong, bakit poklay... hahaha.. interesado ka sa sagot?

    hahaha... at nanakawin ko nga pala button mo...


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