For those who do not know Plinky, it is a site that sends prompts to bloggers to fight back the dreaded writer's block. I opened my e-mail and decided to answer this one because I think that it is relevant to me as of the moment. By the way, I am posting through e-mail now. My broadband has been problematic since last week.

So. What is that most important thing that I am putting off? CHECKING MY NMAT RESULT. B (Paynapol Joos aka Blair Waldorf) posted on my facebook wall last night that the NMAT results is available now at the cem website. That was around two in the morning and I decided it can wait tomorrow. However, today, I simply shoved down the deepest recesses of my mind THAT thing for whenever I think of it, my intestines get tied in plaits and air seems to be sucked out of every alveoli in my lungs. But hey. THAT is inevitable. Sooner or later, I would have to face it.

I had the slightest spark of courage a few minutes ago. With numb fingertips, I typed cem-inc.org.ph into the URL box (whatever that is called). But luck, or misfortune, knew my heart too well that my browser just refused to load the page. Maybe it felt the strength of ventricles as they squeeze blood in my heart. Maybe it felt my pulse points, especially my carotid artery on the edge of bursting.

NMAT. I thought I murdered you that Sunday afternoon. But your presence is just so palpable in the atmosphere. Every pore I have, every nerve ending, is on its toes now. You are near. An inch from my nose perhaps.


  1. so di mo pa nakikita S? I saw mine already. Gaah. Excited ako sa result mo. Feeling ko sobrang taas! :)) -B


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