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I said I will kill NMAT (National Medical Admission Test). I threatened it through Facebook. I said I will skin it alive. Not leave it until it is nothing but a piece of paper perfectly bloody and bruised by my Mongol two pencil.

That Sunday, December 12, 2010, I did as I promised. I woke up early morning with my fatal intent first thing in my mind. As I entered the gates of Xavier University, I made sure I was carrying my weapon. My pencil, I thought, is enough to commit the crime. There were hundreds of examinees, they too, I suppose had the same intention as mine. The air smells like war, tastes like salty blood. Everything is in shadesof red and black.

I found my assigned room, LH 200. Anticipation grew when I saw the test booklets. Fear and adrenaline melted together like an alloy in the crucible of my whole being. I was scared. Scared that my supposed victim is not that easy to overcome. It may overpower me.

The moment of truth came. The stopwatch started. I am given three hours in the morning and two and a half in the afternoon. That morning, I skirmished with Verbal, Quantitative, Perceptual Acuity, and Inductive reasoning. All my fight-or-flight hormones rushed through my veins. My fingertips were numb as they stabbed every question I laid my eyes on. Time's up. I missed two questions.

I rushed out the door to look for my brother, Buddy, who was my accomplice in the crime. I told him beforehand to get my food from the nearby Jolibee because the lunch break is like forty-five minutes only. I had to regain strength. I can't let the second half of the skirmish pass lightly. I had to make sure that the murder is executed as planned.

I was surprised that I was done with the second half that fast. There was Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Social Science to deal with. But I don't know if I really had skinned it alive. I really don't know if the bruises I inflicted are enough. I can't be sure.

Not until now!

It's official. The body of the murdered NMAT was found. I saw the physical evidence. Shamelessly, I plea guilty.


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