Too dark in my room right now, the only source of illumination is my white as bone notebook. I guess it's slumber time already. But my mind is jumping off cliffs and clouds, hopping and whirling as of the moment. Meet me in the air Peter Pan!

No, I don't have anything to rant about. The world is imperfect, it is supposed to be flawed, as tainted as humanity. But tonight, I am perfectly happy. No, i am not a Powerpuff Girl to save the day, not even Uncle Mahatma to save a nation. I am just me., the only thing I can carry is my weight, the only thing i can save is my soul. We have to carry ourselves from here to there, for if we don't, what difference do we have from trees? We have to do things because we love to do them, not because we are paid. If everything was about the money, then what differs us from prostitutes? There is no guidebook on how to live, so many times I asked myself what mantra should I live by? What path should I take? Is it the path less taken according to Frost?

I saw this music video this morning. I saw a quote that caught my attention. "Love is our last big fight." I don't entirely get it. But it reminds me of Blair Waldorf (the one on TV, not my friend B)when she said "I'm not giving up on love." In that case, maybe Serena Vanderwoodsen was right when she said, "live dangerously." But battles can be fatal. But there is nothing to gain without risking anything. But how far are we willing to wager in the Russian Roulette called life.

Walking around the courtyard about an hour ago, my mind transports me to the adventures of Santiago, that famous boy created by the admired Paulo Coelho. as of this moment, I wish I was him, I wish i felt more alive.

what is it to be really alive? Do we have to bleed to know? (referring to Goo Goo Doll's famous line)

My mind goes back to the moon, I wonder how different it looks when gazed upon from a different vantage point. Say, when one is on the Everest. I can't remember seeing the moon, even the stars, when I was in the DeKalb. Every night when I look up the sky, all I see are blue and red lights leaving trails of a faint cloud, those are airplanes from O'hare Int'l Airport, one of the busiest in the world. The sky over there seems too unnatural, lacking the beauty of what i am beholding outside my window. Stephen Hawking's mechanistic view of the universe makes
perfect sense to the part of my brain where logic resides. But the truth is, I
don't give a damn when looking up at the heavens takes my breath away.
Picture me, like that of the famous painting of two men contemplating on
the moon. So cheesy.


May this night last a little longer as I bask in the ember of my bliss.