[[ OLATS! ]]

           Above are some of the medals I collected from joining inter-collegiate quiz shows. Over the years, I have been so lucky to be always bringing home a medal whenever I join one. But yesterday, I seem to run out of luck.

          I lost. For the first time, I went home with tears, not literally. I'm so used to winning that I don't know what it's like to lose in a quiz show. Finally, I had the taste of it. And I don't like it at all. It is humiliatingly BITTER.

          I gotta be honest, who wants to lose at anything? Still, I am fortunate for that experience. I know, I am lemonsweetening it. What choice do I have? When life gives you lemon, make a lemonade. Who said that anyway? It is very expected that I'll have to say something positive at the end of this ranting. So here it goes: losing humbles one down. Bow.

          However, this post won't end with plain ranting and seeing-the-silver-lining crap. I'd have to pepper this with some criticisms, or else, I'd be just like anyone playing goody-two-shoes. I'm not like that, when I let my tongue go wild, prepare for verbal whipping.

          I wish the organizers were more prepared. The lights went out on the first round and they did not have a backup plan. Considering that power interruption is like an everyday thing here, they should have anticipated it and prepped for it. Generator is a must. I'm not trying to imply that we could have won if the quiz went as smooth as silk, but we could have enjoyed more. I was pissed when they continued with the quiz even if it means that the quiz master had to shout on top of his lungs and the all-important slide show had to be shown on laptops. Hello? We were in the gymnasium and the acoustics is so bad that the sound doesn't bounce well. So difficult to hear the questions, concentrate, and answer in ten seconds. I am pretty sure that the other quizzers will agree with me on this. 

          And how can I ever forget those Filipino words that I had never knew existed:







At marami pang iba.

          Lesson learned: "Ang hindi marunong magmahal sa sariling wika, hindi nananalo sa dictio-quiz."

          On the second thought, I'm not a Filipino anyway. Because I am a MORO.

(Charlie's Angels? nah! my teammates Pots and Juhay)
(The other CNSM team Gerence, Cyro, Ronnel Christian. Newbies but oh-so-good.)

(Special feature: Dennis, the one in green... his wit made my afternoon a lil more fun.)
(Drowning our sorrow over pizza and isaw at Muti's.)



  1. Dude, those words don't even exist in Filipino dictionary. Maybe they did, on the 1800 edition.

    I'm Filipino and I don't know shit about those words.

  2. i don't think those words are in use as of today. obsolete. but that's the essence of quiz shows, u gotta know what others don't know. too bad, my Filipino vocabulary is just as good as my French (exaggeration of course).

  3. wow. i too did not know those filipino words existed. haha. oh well.

    also, better luck next time. :)

  4. interesting words :) ahaha. and nice realization. that it's not just humiliating but it is as well HUMBLING :)

    nice blog :) am returning the favor. hihi. maraming salamat :)

  5. chill. sabi nila, kelangan mo daw mafeel ang failure kahit once para magalit ka ng bongga and to strive and do an in-your-face move.


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