Leah of neneleah30.blogspot.com is on a 30-day blogging challenge. Last year, it was Kamila of kamilkshake.blogspot.com who underwent such. I'm under the impression that these challenges are for new bloggers who are challenged to write everyday to keep them from quitting their blogs. To tell you, maintaining a blog is really difficult especially for newbie bloggerinas e.g. me. I have made around 3 blogs before this and I have abandoned them all. It's not everyday that we have an epiphany and a thousand words to keep our readers interested, that is, if there are really people on the globe who chanced to end up on our blogs. Moreover, the idea that thousands of pro bloggers dominate the whole blogging scene ever since blogging became a phenomenon years ago is frustrating. I mean, I bet every blogger out there wishes to have a large following. How can we compete with the titans?

          I know… you are waiting for it. The defense mechanism. :-)

          Here it goes. Even if the face of the internet-landia is too huge to try to make a mark on, at the end of the day, I believe that blogging is still a fulfilling endeavor. One stylist-blogger (Is she the woman of style by Kling? Sorry, I forgot the link.) said that when done right, a blog is one's best resume. True enough. In a world where everything is being put on the web,  it is a good strategy to have a good online record. Potential employers may Google you and find that you have an impressive blog. That's a plus point to you.

          First few weeks into blogging, it is sad to see that our pages are so bare and that we only have a few entries. We blog-hop and befriend other bloggers. We follow them, they follow us too. We get to know them through their blog posts even if we haven't really met. More blog-hopping and we find those really talented ones. You see, I am a voracious reader. Even if I did not leave a comment, the blogger had no idea that I devoured their tasty posts. An there is that feeling of intimacy in the blogging world. Because we blog with our hearts, we share our lives and deepest thoughts.

          Here's to a fruitful year of blogging, and no quitting even if boredom and writer's block strike!


  1. Amen to that, I have at least 5 blogs before that I abandoned. Maybe I also need the 30-day challenge blogging.

  2. i'm planning to do it too.. but a less than well-disciplined girl like me can't take that kind of burden. i'm verrrry hesitant.

  3. ah me too. I even wanted to close down my other blog after I slowed down in traveling. I have lots and lost of unpublished drafts and scratch notes because I'm too lazy to finish them with a proper conclusion :P

  4. bloggerina. love the term. i am almost tempted to do the 30 day challenge. kaso, i am thinking ahead he. i have this huge feeling na one way or another hindi ko matatapos.

    me what i am thinking everytime i blog is not to impress people but to impress myself. hehe.

  5. Hahaha! Tumpak! I tried the 30-day challenge.. to see if I can really do posts everyday.. "TRY" is the word. Since sobrang tamad me! Lazy as a koala. Hehe..

    Every one of us wants and needs followers... readers. I too, read blogs.. Sometimes, I'd leave a comment.. Most of the time, I don't. Haha! Nagbabasa lang.. minsan, speechless ako.. Eh di, hindi nako nagko comment. =)

    It's very ironic. Nag umpisa ako sa challenge nato.. since I experience EVERYDAY writer's block. I don't know if that's possible.. pero hindi yata gumagana ang utak ko. Then, nang maumpisahan ko na tong challenge, hala... daming ideas ang sumusulpot. New ideas I wanna share.. new topics I wanna discuss..

    So.... anyway, I have two blogs. The other one is for my everyday random ramblings.. short entries. Yung personal blog, yun yung medyo mahaba ang entries. hehe... On my 5th month sa blogging world.. and it looks good. Sana makaabot nang 1year.. Ang kulit rin kasi ni Juan Tamad eh. LOL..

    Good day, Ayeesha.. =)

  6. Hmm... Pumasok ba ang comment ko???

    Oh! And thanks for the mention, by the way. Hehe...

  7. @jojo nah! sayang naman. although i like ur lakwatsero blog more, but ur other blog is also good.

    @nowitzki check!

    @nyabachoi it shows in ur blog, that self-serving thing

    @leah writer's block ba un? good for u, u can overcome it. aq hindi eh. when am having the WB, i just shut down.


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