[[ SLOW DAY ]]

          The rain poured day and night. What choice do I have but stay home as much as possible, read books and magazines over and over again, get overly caffeinated, and stare at the distance hoping the sun can fight back the cold weather?

          It's a slow day. Ideas are as sleepy as the grey clouds. Maybe this photo post will do today. Or maybe not.


  1. hay ako din... sarap lang sa kama pag mga ganyang panahon.. huy salamat sa pagdalaw sa basket dreams... pag dinadalaw ako dun ng mga kablogs natin eh.. nahihiya naman ako.. sana dalawin na lang nila ako sa road to kill.. hahaha

  2. Dito din, been raining the whole day. I spent the whole evening sa labas ng starbucks from 5PM to 11PM nakikihagap ng wifi.

    Book Suggestion: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, bago pa umabot dyan yung "politically correct" edited version.


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