It's all over the news last night, that Sec. Angelo Reyes committed suicide by shooting himself on the chest in front of his parents' tomb. I was in my chemistry class yesterday and out of boredom, I checked my Facebook using my mobile. There on my news feed was the news of the suicide. Later that night, TV Patrol bombarded me with all the details of his death. And I woke up this morning feeling like I have to blog about this because it made me so uneasy that I need to let it out.

          First thing that came to my mind is, of all the people, he is the least I expect to commit suicide. Even if the public knows so little about him, he seems to be a man of great courage, strength, and perseverance. No one really knew how to react when the news broke out.

          Why would he do that? That's the next thing I thought about. I can't help but to over-think the whole situation. If he was innocent at all,  he would have the courage to face all the controversy. If he was innocent at all, he would be at peace with himself and not be hurt at all even if Senator Miriam Defensor said that he is the most stupid man. I know that it is very insensitive for me to be saying all these. Who am I to judge someone? Who am I to be dipping her index finger in someone's business.

          Who am I?

          I am a Filipino. Victim of poverty. Victim of corruption. This is my business.

          And I am angry. Angry that the investigation turned this ugly. Angry that that some portions of the truth will be buried with the deceased Secretary. Angry that some people are too coward to be responsible for their acts. Angry that people are changing colors. Angry that sympathy may color the investigation. Angry that the attention is being diverted.

          Scared that justice may slip out of our fingertips.


  1. wahaha yan din naisip at naramdaman ko ayeesha when i heard that news.. ang nasabi ko lang ay "guilty"...--jayci :p


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