1. Wearing anything matchy-matchy. I cannot stomach wearing violet dress matched with violet shoes, bag, veil, and other accessories. Who wants to be a walking ube, or lemon, or orange?

2. Wearing flip-flops to school. I know MSU is a very laid-back school but I seriously believe that slippers are appropriate only at the beach and at the banyo. That maybe is a pair of Havaianas, but at the end of the day, it still is a pair of tsinelas and wearing them to school is a no-no considering that we are in an institution of higher education. Think of all the dust that sticks to your toes, or the baha at the Comcen when it rains. I can just imagine the number of parasites and fecal bacteria in those flood water.

3. The not-so-skinny skinny jeans. It's called skinny because it is supposed to fit well. Not an in-between. If you want baggy pants, like those of boyfriend jeans, then choose the real baggy ones, not the in between because they are simply unflattering.

4. The bolero or the cropped jacket. That's the piece of clothing that I don't understand. If I want to cover up, why would I wear the bolero that covers just my arms and upper trunk. It just doesn't serve me any purpose at all.

5. Over-accessorizing. It's okay to pile on the bling if and only if you are Mariel Rodriguez or a walking Christmas tree.

6. Neon colored skinny and tights. I am not a jejemon nor a Japanese street style fanatic so I avoid those. They remind me of Vice Ganda's early days in the showbiz.


1. The boyfriend jeans. I am really a fan of this ever since I saw Katie wore Tom's jeans. Since I don’t have a boy toy, I raid my brothers' closet instead. Those baggy jeans are just so comfortable. How to wear boyfriend jeans without looking like one of the boys? Pair it with fab heels and some girly top and you're all set.

2. HEELS. They are the real girl's best friend. I feel powerful in them like I can do anything. For someone who is vertically challenged like me, they are a big help in making me more proportioned. How to walk in heels without tripping? Shift the weight on the balls of your feet like as if you are tip-toeing.

3. Oversized bags. Not only are they stylish, they are simply practical especially to students like me who refuse to carry backpacks. I go for leather. They look pricey, last long, and are water-proof.

4. Mom's old clothes. The best vintage finds I have are from my mom. I love wearing them because they are my mom's, I am sure that the previous owner of the clothes is not questionable. I find it eerie to wear some stranger's vintage clothes. Moreover, vintage pieces adds character and romance to any outfit.

5.  Clothes Mom made for me. I am so lucky that my mother sews clothes as a hobby. Our memorable bonding moments are those times we go cloth shopping, designing clothes, and sewing them. There is a sentimental factor in those clothes mother dear made plus they are so well-made at a very low price. Above all, I am sure that I will never ever bump into someone wearing the same thing. (She made my top, as seen below.)

6.  Layers and textures. Living up in the mountains entails me to wear layered outfits since it is always cold here and my skinny frame makes me too vulnerable against the harsh weather. Layering can be leveled up by experimenting with different textures. This adds depth to any outfit.

          Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any fashion magazine so you are free to ignore this post. Everyone is entitled to have their dos and don'ts in styling up himself/herself. :-)

         But I just wish that those labels-loving whores realize that it is not about being the first to buy the latest stuffs at the mall but developing our identity. In a sea of people making gaya-gaya of each other, you all will fade like the crazy fads of yesterday. Because you failed to define your own style based on your own taste. You failed to put the exclamation point on whatever fashion statement you have. You failed to express who you are because you let yourself be dictated by what is in and what's not. You failed to enjoy fashion because you were stuck in the safe zone and never stepped into the trail of adventure. You see,

"Man makes the clothes, but clothes cannot make a man."


  1. You should visit UPLB. Almost everyone wears flip flops there. =P

  2. nyahaha..super opposite naman tayo... gusto ko lagi naka-tsinelas... pero di ko yun syempre pwede gawin sa school..kase bawal sa min. pero feeling ko pwede ko gawin lahat s tsinelas... kahit nanay ko ayaw nun.. nagtataka siya bakit puro naka-tsinelas lage ako sa Pilipinas...

    dito naman..masyado malamig kaya ayuko magtsinelas.

    tapos.. mahilig din ako sa bolero... ewan ko.. pero wala naman ako masyadong bolero.. ay parang wala talaga akong bolero pala.. hahha.. pero gusto ko siya..

    pero apir tayo sa ayuko din yung pareho pareho mga color ng suot, shoes at bag..ewan ko bakit.. weeeeh :)

  3. @nishiboy... what's that supposed to imply? just because some group of people like something doesn't mean I'd have to like it too. i'm not into the bandwagon thing.

    @kamila... apir tayo sa anti-matchy-matchy movement. lol. ayoko talaga ng tsinelas. i tried to wear em once sa school. bumaba self-esteem q. haha.

    @jun jun... neks taym.


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