The first photo was taken during a field trip to Bohol. We were fortunate that we were there during the Sanduguan Festival. My classmate, Amerah Manaol, were left at our room that night when suddenly, we saw flashes of light. Whoa! Fireworks right outside our window.

          The next photo was taken about a year ago, I remember it was around midnight and I noticed just how beautiful the moon is that I had to take a photo of it. I was using a cam phone then so the photo doesn't really do justice to the beauty I saw that night.

          Last photo, a very tangerine sunset. The weather was perfect that afternoon that the mood was so nostalgic. Like a memory of a childhood friend.


  1. I also become nostalgic seeing photos of my early childies.

    happy saturday folk.


  2. Nice capture... sa mga facebook parang wala ng kwenta yung mga ganito..kase parang sa kanila importante na lang magkaroon ng profile pic. pero yung mga ganitong picture gusto ko... gusto ko titigan. Hindi kase ako photographer at nabubulok na ang digi cam ko.. pero ginagamit ko pa din digicam ko. Hindi man kagandahan yung nakukuha kong picture eh.. feeling ko maganda pa rin..

    at lahat ng post mo dito thumbs up! Pinaka-like ko yung pangatlo.

  3. hello. am new here. What a lovely blog you have here. And your posts are such interesting read!

    Aileen Kim of The House of Isla

  4. @denase... an simple image can make us feel again, in bitter-sweetness, the subtle things we felt before.

    @kamila... cam phone lang gamit ko jan. but because i didn't want to forget what i saw, parang may need na i-immortalize sa picture. ganun diba? pag may makita tayo na special sa paningin natin.

    @aiz kim... followed!


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