I have been busy lately with school and everything that I'd have to apologize for being such a careless blogger these days.  The truth is I don't have the time to blog as regularly as I used to. Sitting down somewhere quiet and letting my fingers bleed with words is very hard to do when my arms are juggling many things already. What I did the past few days is write in bulk and schedule the days they are to be posted. Out of sheer carelessness, I have done some humiliating mistakes.

         Like the title of my post 'bout Sec. Angelo Reyes, I posted it without noticing that the title is bitin. "reyes committed  ]]" instead of "committed pagpapatiwakal  ]]". Then I double posted my fashion post. I was embarassed to death when I saw what I have done.

         To err is human. But then again I don't have a huge eraser to delete the mark of my errors. So I have to make up. I have to be more careful the next time. Promise!