The Multi-Media Quiz Show Sponsored by the Honor's Program is officially my last quiz show. The pressure to win is there but ultimately, the pressure to have fun is greater. I achieved both anyway. Although I have to admit that I am sad because luck turned its back on me on the final round when I did it the most. The mechanics is similar to that of Game Knb where you can make an opponent take a step backward if you answered correctly. That would have been okay if all the other teams did not went against us. Like whenever one had a chance to use the Atras Power, my team is always chosen. So of you are going to count the number of points, my team was leading but because we were always made to step back, we ended up second place which is not bad at all. I was so comforted by Junver's words: "Aye, I am still a fan."

          To all the IQC kids, continue the academic and extra-curricular excellence. I will surely miss all of you guys, the stressful moments when we are quizzing and debating, the late afternoons celebrating our sorrows and victories, the last minute quiz preparations, and more. Thank you for the support and the respect that you gave me as your ate. I'll be just around if you'll ever need me. Lastly, do not sit back and relax because next school year is another year for the geeks to rule.