I ran late to my Chem Lab exam this morning. Not your usual 5-10 minutes late but a full hour! Which means I had no more than 30 minutes to finish the exam. Why on hell would someone be that late for a very important exam? It's just that I woke up 9 am which is the exact hour when the exam starts. When I realized that I was gonna be late, I gulped down a mug of coffee, threw on whatever I can get my had on in the closet and ran out the door. Mind you, it takes 30 minutes to travel from home to the university campus.

          I love the reaction I got from the proctor. Jaw-dropped. Jaw-locked. She just stared at me, all the surprise and disbelief registering in her very transparent face. I'm dead, I thought. Adrenaline rushed in and before I knew it, I was done. In 25 minutes.

          Perfect morning. Until I ran into people who stared at me head-to-toe because I was, well, weird in my magenta sweater, boyfriend jeans, 4-inch leather platforms, and brown aviators. You see, in this small town, unless you wear skinny or 90's flared pants paired with either Crocs, espadrilles, canvas shoes, or patent leather flats, then you are abnormal. Exactly what I am according to their fashion standards. I guess they never really have seen anyone wearing boyish jeans with uber girlish heels. These people have a lot of fashion sensibilities. *insert sarcastic laugh here*   

         Bye for now. Exam week enslaves me.


  1. Oh well, we encounter a lot of people like that especially here in our country. They think if you’re not going to a party you shouldn’t dress beyond the usual otherwise they’ll think your weird or over acting. Good luck on your exam!

  2. hahahaha panalo... lagi akong late sa school..uber.. at take note 5 minutes walk lang ang layo ng school ko sa dorm.. hahaha.. pero natawa pa din ako..at nakarelate sa adrenalin rush na na-feel mo...


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